Oh, c'mon - it's just another f*ckin' clickbaiting page, right?!

Nope. No clickbaiting, no monitizing PR feature, none of that things. Just one: a wanderer between the lines with great understanding for sun's deep glory and the moonlight shadow. Asking for two free rests at the hostels, when themselves want to say "Hi" while you are reading this blog with all its links.

I don't care too much for money, 'cause a splendid time is guaranteed for all, when we both come together as one right now listening to the colour of dreams.

It's no long way home, when you feel the fever of being one: standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs, to tell...  singing and playing the songs of a red sunset in the morning while reliving the blue hour of moon's mournings. You can reach the earth under your shoes and walk to the stars above your head, when both ( = only 2) come together as one ( = the 1 and only)  like the two (and only) good boots your are walking with.

Even it's your decision, what's your understanding of a wellcomeback, written at the cross on a montain at a tree by the sea.

Well... when I found my second shoe in you, I felt like Michael sings:

But words are words and songs are songs. The between is speechless. Just travelling to show you horizons of being home I never could describe.

When will I see you again? - When you decide to come home. When you put on your another shoe for start travelling to me.

Let us live and relive all sublimed stages - you in me and me in you. It's bar jeder Vernunft... I know.

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